Makes the hay last for longer and lets the horse feel and perform better.


Slow Feeding makes life better for all horses!

Since almost all horses suffer from feeding related issues;

- Free choice makes him obese and that often leads to EMS (Equine Metabolic Syndrom = obesety, insulin resistance, founder).

- Portions, or to be more exact the time between the portions, gives him equine gastric ulcers because 3½ consecutive hours without eating is enough for him to start developing lesions. Ulcers are the most common cause of colic (even fatal). This is realy yesterdays news because it has been known for decades but until now there has not been any working solution.


Begg & O’Sullivan (2003) 86% out of 345 horses suffered lesions.

Bezdekova et al. (2007) 73% out of 71 horses suffered lesions.

Murray & Grodinsky (1989) 71% out of 187 horses suffered lesions.


Videla & Andrews (2009) found in their study that 75% of the horses that were fed twice per day suffered lesions and 58% of the horses that were fed three times per day suffered lesions. This shows the correlation between the length of the starvation period and the occurrence of lesions. Lesions are even more common in competeing populations.


Real SlowFeeding lets the horse eat continuously without eating too much (just like grazing sparse pastures).


First generation slow feeding nets (today old fashion) only extended eating times with some 30% which does not lead to any substantial results. Most other nets on the market work this way.


All slow feeding nets do however minimize the waste and stop the wind from stealing the hay.



is available in 76 different models (don't be scared by the large number just click "Help to choose" and choosing becomes super easy). Many of them gives You unique and extreme posibilities to determind how long the hay is going to last.



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