In the beginning there was ............ nothing.

Horse owners just dumped the hay at the box floor where the horse stepped it into the bedding mixing it with excrements dirty shawings or bad straw. The horses were forced to eat with their nostrils close to the amunium stinking floor.


Sure it was quick but most horses suffered from equine gastric ulcers that often led to colic and always to reduced performance ability.


Then came "slow feeeding" and horse owners all over the world started filling small mesh hay nets with hay. The horses didn't have to eat on the stinking bedding and no hay was wasted anymore but lots of horse owners gave up because filling servings in small mesh hay nets took too much time and horses too often broke the nets. Horse people had still not understood that the horses brooke the nets becaus they were fed portions and therefor still suffered a feeding related stress. Those who tried giving their horses continuous axcess to the small mesh hay nets complained about their horses becoming fat.


After that came SlowFeeding that elevated horse keeping to completely new heights.

These solutions were much more efficient removing all reasons to feed servings to the horses but instead made it possible to let the horses have continuous axcess to the hay without eating too much or too fast. Caretakers saved a lot of time since they could use larger nets whitch made it possible to fill they much morse seldom and less time were spent on hay and more time was spent on the horses. Horses did not have to suffer equine gastric ulcers anymore and the cost for feeding horses was reduced since there was no waste and not as many feeding times.


The SlowFeeding Factory manufactures 76 different models of SlowFeeding solutions to make sure that there allways will be a perfect SlowFeeding solution available for each and every horse keeping need. Not only are we producing plentyful of different SlowFeeding solution we have also made it very easy to choose between them.

Just click on "Help to choose" and you will be guided to the perfect solution for your circumstances.


We have very few problems with nets being torn by horses but since axcidents still can happen we have introduced an EXTRA WARRANTY. Among the 50000 SlowFeeding nets we have sold so far not a single one of the torn nets could be blamed on poor net quality but instead always on poor schooling of the horse. The proof of this is that if the hole is pulled together (with cable ties or string) right away each time a new hole is found the horse will very soon stop breaking the net. Our EXTRA WARRANTY lets you return the well mended net to us after 4-8 weeks and we will let you buy a new net of the same size and model at half price because we want your horse to be able to enjoy a nice looking net for the next couple of years.


Golden opportunity!

Since allmost all horse (espellially competing once) are suffering from Equine Gastric Ulcers, which is known to lower performance, chances are that your competitor's horse is not able to perform his best so if you can make sure your horse is not suffering from gastric ulcers you just might stable a winner. Do however not delay because had visitors from 70 countries during April 2014 so he might be on to it and you don't want to be left behind, do you?