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Small 3+. Patent pending

3 layers of nets with different mesh sizes creates 2 compartments for hay. One layer with 1 3/16", 1 layer with 1 3/8" and 1 layer with 1 5/8" mesh.This is the perfect net for the box stall when you fill it twice a day. By turning the net in side out in one way or the other and turning different sides towards the wall you can create 6 different mesh combinations and an endless amount of variations by altering how much hay you put in each of the two compartments. With a net from the "3+" series you decide how long the hay is going to last. Size "Small" i recommended for approximately 16 lbs but takes twice as much if you are prepared to spend some 20 minutes filling it. If you want to fill 20lbs or more size "Medium" is recommended.

The discount code for the free net is: "53uts"

and for 15% on one/customer of the same is "53uts15"