I started experimenting with what today is called "slow feeding" back in 1997 just because I didn't like that my ponies were wasting so much of their food that I had to pay dearly for and after the feeding season I had to clean their feeding area. Eventually I found that what I was doing had a profound effect on my ponies psycological profile and there social behavior. They had become both nicer and easier to work with so I changed my objectives and kept on experimenting. 2009 we launched the first series of slow feeding netsand 2010 we hired our first employee. Now we have moved the production from our farm where we started to a 10 times as big industrial facility in Vetlanda, Sweden and hired 5 more sewing machine operators.

Our cutting facility will let us cut many times more than we do today and through an intence work with cutting efficiency we are today cutting much more efficiently than our net producer.

All our raw material is produced within the EU and all cutting and sewing are done by our selves in Sweden. We have tried to outsource cutting and sewing but obviously only our own personal can meet our very high demands for superior and even quality. The knitting technique used for our polyester net material is unique and can only be manufactured by a few net knitting machines around the world (i.e. only our supplier in Europe and no one in USA).We have tried other techniques but the one we use is far better for our application.