You are recommended a net from the "3+" series.

The 3+ are "magic" nets containing all three mesh sizes (3, 3½ and 4cm). 1 product gives you 15 different solutions not counting that you also may decide both how much and of what kind of feed you put in each compartment.

What is in the first compartment will be eaten through 1 layer of net and what is in the second compartment must be eaten through two layers of netting.

By sticking your arms into one or the other of the compartments, grabbing hold of the bottom and turning the net inside out you can change the order in which the mesh sizes are presented.

Your options are: 3-3½-4, 3-4-3½, 3½-3-4, 3½-4-3, 4-3-3½, 4-3½-3. If you only fill one compartment you will also get:3+3½-4, 3+4-3½, 3½+3-4, 3½+4-3, 4+3-3½, 4+3½-3 and of course the single nets: 3cm, 3½cm and 4cm


Since both sides will be different all these nets need to hang against a wall or the horse will just eat from the easy side.


After having decided on size click here for point of sales.


All 3+ nets are protected by a pending patent.


Micro 3+, 90x60 cm = 36x24"

This is a tiny net that only takes just a little more than "no hay at all". It works when a horse needs a little hay while waiting and for feeding miniature horses.


Mini 3+, 90x90 cm = 36x36"

Takes up to 5 kg = 11 lbs but is not realy recommended for daily use since the small opening makes it time consuming to fill. Saving 5 minutes each day equals a full working week per year.


Small 3+, 120x90 cm = 48x36"

Takes 5-12 kg = 11-26 lbs.

5kg takes 30 seconds to fill, 12kg takes 5 minutes (it does take 20kg but that takes half an hour).

This is by far the most common size.


Medium 3+, 154x105 cm = 62x42"

Takes 12-20 kg = 26-44 lbs.

This is a personal favorite and recommended for full size horses.

Easy to fill and possible to move even when full.



Large 3+, 180x105 cm = 72x42"

This size is made to fit American 120lbs bales (55kg).

It needs to be permanently mounted and does best with support also in the middle when filled to capacity.

Wide 3+, 210x90 cm = 84x36"

Same capacity as "Large" but longer and not as high.

Not in American stock.


All the above sizes come with hanging ropes in the upper corners and closing strings to keep the opening shut. All flat nets can be completed with "zipper strings" that closes the opening completely in a very time efficient and easy way. Click on the picture for larger views.


Optimal, 8kg loose hay to 20kg baled hay = 17-44lbs.

- To be mounted in a corner.

- Natural eating angles.

- Shoe safe.

- Can be used with 1 layer of net for ordinary eating time extentions and 2 layers of nets (2 layers of hay) for extraodinary eating time extention.

- Very rugged construction. Can be push all the way into the corner without breaking.